Joe Biden, the presidential candidate who believes Americans still listen to music on a phonograph, is venturing out of his basement to join his wife and handler, Jill Biden, on a train tour through Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Joe was greeted in Ohio by mobs of Trump supporters holding Trump flags, signs, and banners, as they patiently waited for old Sleepy Joe to pass by:

Comedian Tim Young points out that Biden’s train tour consists of riding the train for 25 minutes and then getting off the train to greet 8 people. Young calls his campaign train stunt, “Pointless.”

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Young asks, “When’s the last time a presidential candidate went on a train tour? 1912?”

During one of his campaign stops today, Joe Biden addressed a small crowd of supporters in Cleveland when he became suddenly distracted by the sound of a passing train.

“And here comes the train that he tried to make sure didn’t continue to wa…run. No, that’s the commuter—alright…no, that’s—But folks look…”Biden mumbled to a small crowd of mostly media members spread out around a community park.


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