President Biden is so far gone that he cannot even muster up a sentence to give someone his condolences in front of the press.  On Thursday, he was giving a speech at the White House and briefly paused to give a guest his ‘sympathies’.

“My sympathies to the family of your… uhhh… CFO who dropped dead very unexpectedly.  The best to your family, that’s tough stuff” He said.

Price referenced the look of confusion on his sign-language interpreters face as she attempted to decipher the nonsense that he was saying at his speech.

Biden was referencing the Chief Financial Officer of Joann Stores, Matt Susz, who died suddenly this week.

During the speech, Biden lambasted shipping companies for the price spikes that are hurting middle-class Americans across the country.

He also fell back on the predictable line that skyrocketing inflation was a part of ‘Putin’s price hike.’

Biden also the blasted of corporate shipping being in the hands of nine different companies, who he claims posted profits of $190 Billion last year.

The speech came as a bill is making its way to the President’s desk called the ‘Ocean Shipping Reform Act’ that will supposedly lower costs of shipping and relieve pressure on American consumers.

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Mn.) said that if companies do not lower their prices in response to the legislation, Congress will start looking in to antitrust law to force their hand.

‘If I were them, I would take great heed at the unanimous vote in the Senate, the strong vote in the House, that we could act very soon if they don’t start being fair,’ Klobuchar said. ‘If they keep their prices so high and don’t respond to the needs in our country, I think you will see legislation, more legislation, in the mix.’ She said.

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