On Wednesday, Joe Biden was speaking about how his administration will combat inflation and lower costs for families.

After declaring that paying for extra legroom on an airplane is “unfair” to “people of color,” Biden proceeded to make an odd pivot and go on a tangent about Thanksgiving.

“They wanna know, what are we doing? And, uh, there’s a lot going on that we’re doing, and it adds up,” Biden said.

“When I’m gonna be coming back to you (inaudible) an example (inaudible) from a podium or a release, but, take an average family who’s gonna go visit their mother or father for Thanksgiving,” Biden said, not making any sense whatsoever. “What’s the charge if they’re gonna come home from school? I mean, there’s a lot of money. These are billions of dollars. It doesn’t add up to billions for the individual, but it adds up to two, three, four hundred bucks for average families.”


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