Biden condemned the elusive ‘ultra-MAGA’ movement today after a spate of laws have been passed this year preventing transgender people from competing in sports for their preferred gender and DeSantis Parental Rights in Education law, what critics have dubbed the ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill’.

During Pride Month, Biden signed an executive order that would frustrate the implementation of bills that he believes discriminate against LGBT people.

The President said that Republicans are ‘going after Mickey Mouse’, likely referencing Governor DeSantis’ criticism of Disney after they pressured him to repeal legislation in the state.

The Daily Mail Reports

“President Joe Biden fired a broadside in the nation’s culture wars on Wednesday, condemning hundreds of ‘ultra MAGA’ laws that he said discriminated against gay and transgender people.

Speaking before he signed an executive order designed to roll back the impact of more than 300 laws, he described it as a battle for the soul of the nation.

‘I don’t have to tell you about the ultra-MAGA agenda, attacking families and our freedoms,’ he said at an event marking Pride Month at the White House.

‘Three hundred discriminatory bills introduced in states across this country…

‘In Texas, knocking on front doors to harass and investigate parents who are raising transgender children.

‘In Florida going after Mickey Mouse for God’s sake.’

Florida has become a key battleground, with conservatives turning on Disney because of the way it opposed a law banning school teachers from holding classroom discussion on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The crowd in the East Room supporting Biden’s executive order included Admiral Rachel Levine, the first transgender four-star officer in the military.

A student who led walkouts in protest of DeSantis Parental Rights in Education bill was also present, describing his experience with an openly gay fifth grade teacher who ‘helped’ him come out.

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