After lying about President Trump’s border policies for 4 years, Democrats seem disinterested in the humanitarian crisis under Biden and Harris’s watch.

First, they accused President Trump of putting kids in cages, careful not to mention that those “cages” were put in place and first used by the Obama-Biden administration. They did everything they could to stop Trump from building the border wall, going so far as to accuse him of being a racist and a xenophobe. They twisted his words when he spoke of gangs, murderers, and rapists coming across the border as if he believed everyone south of the border was a criminal. Naturally, no fact-checkers were even remotely interested in setting the record straight.

With so many tens of thousands of newly arrived illegal crossers since inauguration, the crisis is undeniable. Not only are we facing a humanitarian disaster, but also a dangerous drug and criminal threat.

The latest video from Sara Carter shows illegals screaming for help as others are drowning trying to cross the Rio Grande.

This comes after a video earlier this week from French media captured a 5-year-old boy screaming for help after being dumped by a smuggler:

Kevin McCarthy on Twitter posts a new fun fact that the “build back better” administration is directly responsible for:

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Nigel Farage calls the border situation an emergency for all Americans:

Earlier this spring, Americans were treated to a heartbreaking video captured by a US Border Patrol officer showing a frightened little boy with tear-soaked cheeks begging for help after crossing the Rio Grande river in Texas.

It doesn’t appear that this situation is going to get better before it gets worse. So long as the mainstream media looks the other way and the current administration denies the brutal reality of their failed border policies.


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