Kate Colman Hobbs posted photos and a video to Facebook sharing just how horrible and heartbreaking it was to find several toddlers who had just been dumped at the border of her ranch in extreme heat. The kids had been there overnight and were found by Hobbs’ husband, Jimmy, who was very emotional about what he found:

Five little girls were crossed yesterday afternoon and dumped with no food, water..nothing. Jimmy found them this morning while on rounds. The adults in the video are our farm manager and his wife, who brought much need water and food.
This is happening everywhere!!!! Share, make calls, raise hell! Stop this inhumanity! This summer is going to be a killer for many! 110 degrees! Stop ! Stop this!

This is the trafficking of children that Biden has caused. It’s cruel and heartless to turn the other way and allow this to happen. The Biden administration stripped all of Trump’s progress and is now incentivizing people to try and cross our border.

Amy M. Clark posted the photo and video from Hobbs on Twitter:

Nobody who just “wants their children to have a better life” abandons them like this, to die in the heat all alone. Nobody. These innocent children—& thousands of others—are being trafficked into this country every single day, yet this Administration & Congress does nothing.

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A Facebook video below from Hobbs:

Hobbs wrote: This is the face of the Biden Administration! This baby and four others under four years old dumped like trash by the river on our farm! All alone, all night, no food, no water, no adult..nothing…
Biden Administration Human Trafficking organization!

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