After 64 days of waiting, Joe Biden finally gave a press conference.

Biden pullout out a set of pre-written notecards to answer pre-scripted questions

However, unlike President Trump who was constantly bombarded with random questions from packed rooms of extremely hostile reporters, Joe Biden had perhaps only a two dozen well-spaced obedient reporters in the room, today.  They asked him only a handful of questions throughout the presser and were pre-selected beforehand, along with their questions.

One Twitter user summed it up nicely:

The Gateway Pundit Reported:

“Joe Biden will be giving his first press conference today after hiding from reporters his first two months in office.

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But the room setup shows Biden’s handlers are using Covid as an excuse to shield Biden from reporters.

The chairs are “socially distanced” and spaced way farther apart than the 6 feet recommended by the CDC.

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Because of this ‘distancing’ only two dozen reporters will be admitted to the presser.

Furthermore, the reporters are so far away, it will hinder them from interacting with Biden and getting in follow-up questions.”

To make things more absurd, Biden required prewritten notes on each question in order form scripted responses and still blanked out completely during the presser.

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