A reminder to anyone evenly remotely considering voting for Joe Biden that he feels America is “obligated” to give health care to illegals. In May of last year, during a campaign event, he claimed that we need more “clinics around the country” to handle all of the illegals who need health care. There is certainly no “America First” policy with this Democrat.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said the United States is “obligated” to give health care to illegal aliens…

This comment was made during a campaign stop in Los Angeles, California.

Biden told reporters that the U.S. should provide healthcare to people “regardless of whether they are documented or undocumented.”

“That’s why we need more clinics around the country” – Joe Biden

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Joe Biden just proved he has no clue about immigration and what’s really happening at our southern border. In fact, Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo just reported on the cost of medical care for illegals last year in Texas. The cost eventually gets passed on to you. Last year, the cost was $500K in Texas alone.

Finally, someone produced a mainstream media report on the reality of the border and just how American taxpayers are being scr*wed because of inactivity from our politicians in D.C. This is a “complete and total travesty,” according to Laura Ingraham, and she is right! She says that any politician who doesn’t think there is an emergency at our border needs to retire or be retired from office.

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The video is stunning because it shows in a small amount of time how insane it is at our border and how we’re enriching the cartels by bringing in illegals who then go to town all over America to wait for their asylum hearing.

Watch below as illegals jump into the Rio Grande to be rescued by border agents in order to be ferried to the other side.

Local reporter Sydney Hernandez has been reporting the truth from the border, but she’s just one person doing all of the work that the big media should be doing. She’s amazingly brave!

#BORDERNEWS A recent video I shot in Sullivan City showing hundreds of undocumented immigrants being apprehended by Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol agents has gained national attention. Thank you @IngrahamAngle for having me on your show to talk about Border issues in the #RGV.

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