There is no longer a question about Joe Biden’s mental state.

Many blame his wife Jill for wanting to be First Lady so badly that she allowed her husband to continue the bizarre charade that he’s somehow fit to be our nation’s acting “president”.

It was evident when he was campaigning from his basement that Joe wasn’t fit to answer softball questions from committed Democrats on Zoom calls. It became especially clear to the world that Joe wasn’t capable of assuming his role as “commander-in-chief” when he botched the Afghanistan withdrawal of our troops, American citizens, Afghan allies, and equipment spectacularly —causing 12 American soldiers to be murdered in his first act of astounding incompetence.

This afternoon, in a rare press conference about inflation, Joe Biden attempted to connect with Americans and the pain they are feeling as gas prices continue to creep up past the $6/gallon mark across many states. In many cases, working moms and dads are reporting that they’re being forced to make the decision between gas and food for their families.

But don’t worry, Joe understands your frustration with the incredible inflation he and the reckless Democrat-led Congress have inflicted on you and your family. Listen to Joe, who looks more and more like an escaped mental patient when he speaks, explain how he can “taste” your frustration!



Biden was asked by a reporter about comments made by Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), where he said Joe Biden should “resign, adding, “Joe Biden is unwell, he’s unfit for office, he incoherent, incapacitated, and confused.”

Watch Biden’s response:

Here’s an extended version of Joe’s disjointed responses to fix out-of-control inflation:

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