Joe Biden Says that he has cancer because of the oil industry, stunning the world while the White House tries to cover it up

Wednesday, in Somerset, Massachusetts, Biden visited a former coal power plant to talk about the harms of climate change and the oil industry.

However, what he ended up saying was that emissions from oil refineries are “why I and so many damn other people I grew up with have cancer.”

Have, not had.

Joe Biden, in that remark told the world that he has cancer.

This left people to question if he said that due to his dementia or if he really does have cancer.

The White House stepped in to correct his statement later that day, saying that he was referring to the non-melanoma skin cancers which Biden had had removed in the past. It is true, and it is public knowledge, that Biden has had skin cancers removed. However, something still does not add up.

While possible that Biden forgot that he no longer has cancer, or that he may have just misread a teleprompter, it is also possible that he really still does have cancer.

The way that he said it, blaming oil emissions for cancer, implies that it wasn’t the skin cancer he was referring to. Skin cancer is typically caused by sun damage, not oil emissions. Oil emissions may, however, cause other forms of cancer.

Either way, things are not looking good.

On the one hand, Joe Biden may have active cancer. Or on the other, he may be so far gone with dementia that he does not remember whether he does or not.

Whichever the case it may be, this is bad news for America. And it makes us look weak to hostile nations such as China, Iran, and Russia.

It makes us look unreliable to allies such as Israel.

Joe Biden is unfit for any office except a doctor’s office.

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