In an exclusive interview, economist Stephen Moore told Breitbart that the Biden economy has tanked much quicker than expected and could cause more serious problems if something does not change.

One reason he sites is the lack of work experience among Biden’s administration. Moore noted the lack of business experience among Biden’s staff in comparison with Trump’s staff.

“The average Trump appointee has about four to five times more business experience.”

“We found that the majority of high-level people in the Biden administration, starting with the top — starting with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, down to his cabinet agencies, down to the people who run the regulatory agencies down to the people who are key economic finance people in the White House — it turns out that the majority of them, not only have they never run a business, they’ve never actually even worked for a business, at least in their professional lives.”

“Most of them are either lawyers, community activists, professors, or people from other kinds of walks of life that have no experience in business whatsoever.” he remarked.

Homeless in New York

Moore explained that Biden’s handling of the economy will mean hardship for low income Americans, “In the United States, [it means] people have to pay more at the grocery store, and that’s a hardship, especially for lower-income people…but they’re the ones who are really suffering because this puts a real punch in their budget.”

And while finances are tough in America, the cost to third world countries could be tragic, Biden’s green policies have caused a surge in the cost of global commodities, especially oil, making it hard for poor countries to produce food.

“In other countries, you’re talking about real hunger and malnutrition, and even — God forbid — starvation, because they can’t get enough food produced because of this world economic crisis that, unfortunately, was started by these insane climate change policies of the Biden administration,” he determined.

And as a large portion of the US Government seems incapable of solutions, the inflation rate increases again.

Joe Biden is demonstrating that he does not know how to manage an economy.

And yet he is somehow blissfully unaware “I don’t know anybody who is worried about inflation” he told an audience.

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