Biden did his first TV interview in 118 days and he chose to do it with Jimmy Kimmel, where he suggested sending Republicans to jail

Biden suggested sending Republican “rule breakers” to “jail” in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. While on the surface they are making a reference to the game Monopoly, it is hardly subtle. Biden wants to jail political opponents who don’t follow the “rules.” But what exactly are the rules?

Through legal and constitutional processes Republicans have defended the rights to guns and life, much to the chagrin of Democrats. Given that the topics of the interview were abortion and guns, it is safe to assume that these are what Biden and Kimmel were referring to. By not playing by the arbitrary and unlawful “rules” that the Democrats have about these two topics, Republicans belong in “jail” according to Biden.

But who really belongs in jail if not Hunter Biden and the rest of the gang of Democrats frequently breaking the law (the real law) and engaging in unethical and illegal activity? Of course, this will not occur under our corrupt system.

Hillary campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann was acquitted through jury nullification, Hunter Biden still is not in prison, and no one has impeached Pelosi or Schumer for encouraging violence against SCOTUS Justices. Which of these Democrats are playing by the rules? None. Yet Biden wants to jail his political opponents instead, in a typical communist dictator fashion.

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The rule of law does not apply to Democrats and has not for years. From Hillary to Hunter, they frequently get away with anything they do.

So clearly the “rules” Biden refers to has nothing to do with the law. It’s their own set of rules and Republicans don’t play by them.

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