Joe Biden is expected to overturn Donald Trump’s policy on banning US funding from going to foreign abortionists this week.

In remarks from Anthony Fauci released by the White House this week, the controversial figure told the World Health Organization’s executive board that Biden will soon revoke the Mexico City Policy “as part of his broader commitment to protect women’s health and advance gender equality at home and around the world.”

When President Donald Trump reinstated the policy, he also expanded it by applying the restrictions to nearly all federal global health assistance.

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The policy was first enacted by the Reagan administration and has been overturned by Democratic presidents, and reinstated by Republican presidents, ever since.

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When Trump took office, he reinstated the ban on funding foreign abortionists in his first few days.

Biden’s Democrat peers are also pushing for a reversal of the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding for most abortions.

For decades, the Hyde Amendment has prohibited federal programs from paying for abortions, except in the case of rape or incest or to save the life of the woman. While the amendment originally applied only to Medicaid recipients, most of whom are part of communities of color or are categorized as low-income, Congress extended it to apply to federal employees and their dependents, military personnel, the Indian Health Service, Peace Corps volunteers and residents of Washington, D.C.

According to the new White House press secretary, Biden claims to be “a devout Catholic, and somebody who attends church regularly.” We all know that just isn’t true…

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