For four years, Democrats cried and whaled about president Trump’s immigration policies, including the treatment of illegal migrant children.  Now that Banana Republic Biden has taken office, he plans to do away with tents.  In fact, he has invented a new kind of structure: the “Semi-Permanent, Soft-Sided” structure that in no way will resemble a tent.


An entrance to the Department of Health and Human Services’ unaccompanied minors migrant detention facility at Carrizo Spring, Texas. Julio-Cesar Chavez/Reuters

So, semi-permanent soft-sided is not just a code-word for ‘tent’?  It sure sounds like the same thing, doesn’t it?

But this simply cannot be; under the presidency of Donald Trump, Democrats decried tent cities.

As the Daily Wire reports, countless globalist news sources hammered the Trump administration for what they called “Tent Cities”

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“Multiple outlets excoriated the Trump administration for the tents, reporting the facilities were a waste of money. NBC News reported in June 2018, “Separating migrant kids from their parents will cost the administration more than placing them in permanent structures or keeping them with their parents.”

The sustained criticism of the Trump administration began when a photo and article about kids being kept in cages was circulated on social media to claim then-President Donald Trump was heartless. The photo and the article were actually from 2014, when Barack Obama was president. Nevertheless, Democrats and their media supporters used the migrant facilities as a cudgel against the Trump administration, blasting it for separating kids from families.

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The children were separated because they entered the country along with their parents, who were detained for the crime. Instead of sending the children to prison with their parents, the kids were sent to the temporary facilities, which quickly filled up when the economy began to improve.”

So, is the media outraged at Biden not only for having his own ‘Tent Cities” but also trying to obfuscate the fact that he does by calling them soft-sided semi-permanent structures?

“The media is not treating the Biden administration the same way it treated the Trump administration. The New York Times this week reported on the situation with an article titled, “Separated Families: A Legacy Biden Has Inherited From Trump.” The outlet reported that separated families are now demanding “restitution, mental health services and green cards as compensation.””

Well, that’s interesting.  Yet another duplicity by the media against conservatism and for globalism.  But it doesn’t end there.  The media also excoriated President Trump for separating children from the people they came over the border with, who often were not actually their real families.  So, how do they treat Biden for doing the same thing now that he is illegitimately usurped the presidency?

“The Obama administration also separated families, and in 2019, Sam Vinograd, a former member of Obama’s National Security Council, defended her former boss’ policy, saying the separations were “for their protection.”

“When President Obama separated children from their families, Wolf, or from adults, Wolf, it was for their protection. It was if there was a risk of trafficking or other kind of harm that might have been incurred,” Vinograd said to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “But even if he did do that, why is Donald Trump saying that two wrongs make a right? Again, Obama wasn’t wrong, but so he’s saying that because something happened under President Obama, he’s repeating it and upping the ante. That’s an incredibly poor excuse. He’s systemized that inhumane treatment that, again, Obama was doing to protect the children.”

There is zero evidence that absolutely every separation under Obama was to get children away from traffickers and absolutely every separation under Trump was done for whatever racist intentions the media impugns onto Trump. In fact, a Senate report from January 2016, while Obama was still president, found that the Department of Health and Human Services had actually given more than a dozen immigrant children to human traffickers because it failed to adequately conduct background checks.”

Nothing about the media is honest.  The media has been taken over, long ago, by globalist voices looking to destroy strong nations like America in order to usher in the Great Reset.
Never buy in to it, but don’t deny yourself a good laugh about the hypocrisy as you remain resolute.

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