Data now shows that Janet Yellen, Biden’s new Treasury Secretary, has been heavily involved with the Wall Street swamp and the hedge funds who are betting against you, and America

Fed Chair, Janet Yellen, who is Joe Biden’s new Secretary of the Treasury

What is clear from new data is that Janet Yellen is truly only interested in protecting the establishment and Wall Street as they all oversee their Great Reset, destroying nations in order to bring rise to a global government free of Constitutional principles & laws.

We previously reported on the David VS. Goliath populist uprising of Redditers in the WallStreetBets forum going on this week against predatory short sellers.  These shorters are given massive abilities by the government to financially devastate companies as a matter of day-to-day business.  One method they use is short-selling–betting against a company.  Hedge Funds are essentially just groups of these globalist elites who do this practice en masse using the financial heft of numerous millionaires and billionaires.  The results are devastation of companies on scales that no person can fathom–all sanctioned by the federal government.  The devastation can destroy entire towns.

This wouldn’t be so bad if all people had access to this ability.  Free markets are fair markets.

But they don’t.

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The laws are rigged against normal people; only the elites ‘in the club’ with enough money are often legally allowed to do these things with any vigor.  So, they can make or break your company, and there is nothing us ‘normies’ can really do about it.  To these sociopathic overlords, including the people in the government who make the rules, we are too dumb to be allowed to affect your own destiny.

This past week, however, normal people banded together to fight back and create a rag-tag online group–a quasi-Hedge Fund, in which they purchased millions in stocks together that had previously been devastated to nearly $0 by hedge fund short sellers.  By buying the stock in lock step and pushing up its price, we explained, Wall Street short sellers lost untold billions of dollars in just days.

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Recently uncovered data now shows that Janet Yellen, Biden’s new Treasury Secretary, is heavily involved with the Wall Street sharks and hedge funds who are betting untold billions against you, and America every day.  She has made over $7 million in speaking fees from Wall Street companies. Many of these companies have close ties with stock trading platforms like Robinhood, whose name suggests that it was designed for the people, but whose practices clearly betray those people in favor of Wall Street, which we will show below.

The National Pulse Reports:

“Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has made over $7 million from speaking at Wall Street firms including Citadel – which has invested billions of dollars in the primary hedge fund now suffering as a result of the GameStop stock surge. 

Yellen’s financial disclosures reveal over 60 speeches to financial firms, and items 25, 29, and 49 on the list shows her receiving a sum of $810,000 from Citadel in speaking fees.

Following a Reddit-induced skyrocket in the price of GameStop, a company heavily shorted by Melvin Capital Management, trading platforms including RobinHood have started to ban trading of the security. The move will likely lower the price of the stock and, perhaps, help rectify Melvin Capital’s immense losses.”

So, a trading platform that says it is for the people is actually for Wall Street and preventing the people from affecting any change or becoming rich, even though the rich band together via hedge funds every day all day on Wall Street to make or break companies by affecting prices up or down.

The national Pulse goes on:

“The move has been widely viewed as protecting Wall Street hedge funds, whom Yellen has made millions speaking from, while “selling out” the little guy.

Citadel recently funneled billions into Melvin Capital Management according to The Wall Street Journal:

Citadel LLC and Point72 Asset Management are investing $2.75 billion in hedge fund Melvin Capital Management, an emergency influx of cash that is expected to stabilize what has been one of the top performing funds on Wall Street. […] Citadel and its partners are investing $2 billion and Point72, which already had more than $1 billion invested in Melvin as of 2019, is investing an additional $750 million, the funds said Monday. As part of the deal, Citadel, its partners and Point72 are receiving non-controlling revenue shares in the firm that eventually expire, a person familiar with the deal said.

What’s more, Citadel has a close financial relationship with RobinHood, as the trading platform “receives payment from Citadel Execution Services for directing equity order flow””



Janet Yellen is the Secretary of the Treasury.  Do you really want her in charge of any part of your nation’s finances?

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