The American Rescue Plan funds woke oral historians at the expense of taxpayers’ wallets

Wokeness and fiscal responsibility cannot coexist, as nearly every budget or aid package a Democrat touches seems to include some woke indoctrination funds, be it gender studies or “anti-racism” research. The “American Rescue Plan,” passed without any Republican support, is no exception to this rule.

Biden signing the American Rescue Plan (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

On top of leading to the obscene 8.6% inflation we see today, the $1.9 trillion act of Democrat wastefulness also included money for all kinds of woke nonsense, including $825k towards “under/unemployed oral historians” through the Oral History Association. This association used that money to create grants for a project titled: “Diversifying Oral History Practice: A Fellowship Program for Under/Unemployed Oral Historians,” providing eleven one-year-long grants to historians “from communities which have been historically marginalized in the field,” such as “Indigenous peoples, people of color, people with disabilities, and working class people.”

Because, according to Democrats, what would really save America financially is employing oral historians to log “Latinx” and “anti0-racist” history.

From Fox News:

Recipients of the $60,000 grants included Elizabeth “Beth” Castle, a “Shawnee-ancestored anti-racist educator,” to create “A Collaborative Oral History of the Fight Against Mineral and Uranium Mining in the Black Hills, the Origins of the Global Indigenous Movement, and the Ongoing Struggle to Protect the People who Protect Mother Earth.”

Another $60,000 grant recipient included oral historian Virginia Espino for her project exploring the “intimate histories of working class Latinx, Afro-Latinx and Indigenous people in Los Angeles with the goal of recovering and recording the experiences and rebellious ideas that inform the ordinary lives of women who are invisibilized when not stereotyped.”

Colette Denali Montoya-Sloan, a queer, Indigenous librarian/archivist, received a $60,000 grant to develop an oral history of the “collective emotional, intellectual, and spiritual experience of creating” the new Visitor Contact Station at the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument in northern Maine.

Employing these people, apparently, is the most productive usage of $825k in taxpayer money and is absolutely worth the 8.6% record inflation.

Not to mention that what they are “studying” sounds extraordinarily useless, niche, and aimed at perpetuating a woke agenda in academia.

Biden had previously listed every single piece of the American Rescue Plan as “essential,” daring critics to find something to have him cut out.  Given that Democrats refused to cut any of this out, we can consider it safe to assume that they are fully aware of how our money has been wasted and are eagerly on board with it.

This is money out of taxpayers’ pockets which has caused increased inflation and which has been reallocated to individuals whom no one wanted to hire (and probably for a good reason.)

So far, wasteful spending under Biden exceeds that of any other recent president, and it does so not even halfway through this term.

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