After the tragic school shooting at Robb Elementary School that took the lives of nineteen students and two teachers, President Biden visited Uvalde to speak to residents and the family members of the children and teachers that died.

Based on videos released on Twitter and recent reports, Biden was not warmly received.

The videos show Uvalde residents yelling at Biden to ‘do something’ as he was leaving Catholic mass.  Biden attempts to speak to the residents but is driven out of the city before being allowed to shake hands with people in the crowd.

The Gateway Pundit Reports

“The Secret Service had told the crowd that Biden would come down and meet and shake hands with them after mass, setting up a police line. But, Cabassa reports that when Biden heard the crowd’s chants he bailed rather than face them.

HAPPENING NOW: “DO SOMETHING! DO SOMETHING!” Uvalde residents exclaim to President Biden. Secret service told the community President would meet and shake hands with them, but is met with angry chants and instead leaves. This after Catholic Service in honor of victims…POTUS didn’t speak to anyone in the community at the Elementary, or at the Church visit. The Police set up tape last minute so the President could meet with residents outside, but as he walked to the crowd, chants broke out and some “boo’s” and decided against it.”

Another video shows Secret Service agents who appear to be surprised after Biden decides to leave the town before talking to angry residents.

When Biden campaigned for President in 2020, he promised to unify the country and govern on behalf of everyone.  How does he expect to do this if he can’t even face the victims of the most significant tragedy that’s occurred during his presidency?

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