Guest post from The Conservative Brief: Before the Biden administration arrived in January, the Southern border was not in its current depleted condition. Thanks to Trump administration policies, the border was under control; unfortunately, this all changed after Biden got into the Oval Office.

Biden undid all of his predecessor’s hard work by repealing policies that kept the border under proper management. Now, the Southern border is a messy combination of migrants arriving in record numbers, drug cartels, overrun facilities, etc.

Last month, Biden put Vice President Harris in charge of the Southern border and she has yet to engender any solutions. Republicans and Republican voters are growing increasingly critical of the woeful inaction from this administration.
On Friday, the White House continued to dodge responsibility and distance Biden from the border crisis of his own making, as Washington Examiner reports.

The Latest Excuses from the Biden Administration

Yesterday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki dismissed legitimate concerns that the American public has regarding the border crisis. Psaki stated that the White House knew backlash would follow when Biden “changed” policies that the Trump administration had in place at the Southern border.

Psaki also claimed that the GOP is “licking [its] chops” and looking to politicize the situation. This claim is nothing short of outrageous; the border crisis has been political since its inception. As the White House attempted to pass the buck, Psaki did not mention that states like Arizona and Texas are having to take care of border matters that are really the responsibility of the federal government.

Finally, in all of Psaki’s remarks on Friday, she did not reveal any plan the Biden administration has to fix the crisis it created.

Holding the White House Accountable

If the White House had a plan to fix the border crisis, that plan would have been announced long ago. Vice President Harris has gone more than 30 days without a press conference since Biden appointed her as the person in charge of the border.

The onus is now on the American public to hold the Biden administration accountable. This can only happen by voting Republicans into the majority, come next year’s midterms. Then, when the 2024 presidential election rolls around, Americans will have the chance to vote Biden-Harris out of office.

What do you think about the White House’s refusal to accept responsibility for the border crisis? Let us know in the comments section below.

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