The relationship between the Biden White House and Attorney General Merrick Garland is reportedly in a ‘deep freeze’ as White House officials are privately frustrated about the DoJ’s handling of charges against First Son Hunter Biden.

News broke this week that Hunter would be indicted for firearms charges and for making false statements.  Hunter’s attorneys and the DoJ originally sought to avoid a trial as they agreed on a plea deal that would not have given Hunter a day of jail time.

The plea deal fell apart after it was scrutinized by the judge presiding over the case who said it was unusually lenient.

White House aides believe that the Department of Justice decided to indict Hunter to give off the appearance of being insulated from political pressure rather than doing so to administer impartial justice, according to WSJ.

A spokesperson for the White House denied claims that Biden was miffed at the Attorney General, saying that Garland was appointed “because of his decades of fidelity to the rule of law consistent with his commitment when he ran for president to restore the independence of the Justice Department, free from political interference.”


Garland’s former spokesperson Anthony Coley defended him, saying that he was simply ‘following the facts and the law’ to avoid political favoritism.

“He’s doing what the president asked him to do, and that is restore justice to DOJ, and follow the facts and follow the law and keep the politics out of decision-making,” He said.

Former Attorney General Bill Bar said that for high-profile cases such as Hunter Biden’s indictment, the buck stops with the Attorney General to make decisions.

‘There’s no escaping,’ he said.

‘The attorney general has to own these decisions in high-profile cases. He can’t say, ‘Well, I just left it up to someone else.’

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