During a town hall in Peterborough, NH, Democrat presidential frontrunner, Joe Biden thanked his small audience for coming to his town hall. Biden specifically singled out a young girl in the audience, leaning in and telling her, “After it’s over, come up and talk to me for a minute, okay?” adding, “Promise?” Biden didn’t just stop with offering special attention for one young girl in the audience, he extended the invitation to his favorite age group, telling his audience, “Anybody under 15, you get something special today.”

Joe Biden has a history of inappropriate behavior with young girls he hardly knows. The video below does a pretty good job of accurately revealing just a few of Biden’s more cringeworthy moments with family members of, U.S. Senators while swearing them while he was the acting Vice President of the United States.

In another NH stop today, Joe Biden was called out for his predatory behavior with young girls, by a man at his Milford, NH town hall.

The video, posted by Fox News 2020 campaign reporter Allie Raffa shows a man at the back of the gym at former Vice President Joe Biden’s tiny rally, telling him, “We don’t need another old, white man running for president. It’s time to have a minority.” Joe interrupted, but the protester shouted over him, “You, don’t touch kids ever again! Don’t touch kids, you pervert!” The audience can be heard laughing. “Look it up. Joe Biden—Creepy Uncle Joe Biden,” he told the small crowd of Biden supporters.

Only seconds after the male protester was escorted out of the gym, a female protester stood up and shouted, “The truth is gonna come out, Buddy!” “Alright,” Biden responded, as she yelled over him, “Quid pro-Joe! Quid pro-Joe!”

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Here’s a close-up of Biden responding to the protesters.


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