Gas prices anticipated to reach over $5.00/gallon as a national average as the baby formula shortage continues to leave parents terrified for their children

As gas prices are expected to breach the $5.00 per gallon point nationwide, the baby formula shortage continues to leave parents and caregivers constantly terrified for their young ones–and it’s all thanks to Biden.


GasBuddy stated that they expect the national average to continue to “pick up steam… as soon as this weekend” as they anticipate a $5.00/gallon national average on the horizon, with 60% confidence in those odds.

Biden’s poor energy policy, canceling pipelines and once more pushing us back towards foreign dependence for energy has caused people to barely be able to afford to go from point A to point B, whether point B is the grocery store, work, or visiting loved ones for the holiday.

What’s more, some people have questioned whether these gas prices have been artificially driven up to push the Biden regime’s plan of all electric vehicles further along at the expense of the average citizen’s life and livelihood.

And Biden has been doing nothing to curtail these ridiculous prices.


Meanwhile, shelves are still bare of baby formula as another consequence of Biden’s inaction and inability to lead.

Parents of infants and toddlers all over the country are terrified that they will be unable to feed their children due to the shortage of formula.

One such parent, a Virginia mother whose two young sons require medical-grade formula says the nationwide formula crisis has left her in a “constant state of anxiety.”

Down to a two-week supply of an impossible to get formula supply, this mother is getting desperate as the “clock is ticking” and they are stuck waiting for a “month or so” before more of the precious formula is available–meaning that for two weeks her children will have to either go on reduced dosages or worse.

Biden’s policy of constantly putting America last has resulted in some of the worst hardships that average Americans have had to face in decades. Being unable to feed your children. Having to choose between putting food in your stomach or gas in your tank. These are not situations an American should ever be put in because of the incompetence of their so-called “president.”

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