As illegal immigration continues to reach a fever pitch in the United States, cartel crime continues to explode at border states like Arizona and Texas.

In late January, Rep. Chip Roy (R-Tx.) said that Mexican drug cartels effectively have ‘operational control’ of the border.  They are able to rob and terrorize border states with impunity while Biden lets millions of illegal immigrants in to our country unchecked.

His disastrous immigration policy has deadly consequences.

This week, a grandfather brought his four grandchildren to his ranch in north-west Texas, and all five of them were slaughtered by fugitive tied to Mexican drug cartels.

The Guardian Reports

“Mark Collins had brought his four grandsons Waylon, Karson, Hudson and Bryson up to his ranch north-west of Houston on Thursday for what sounded like a southern boy’s dream: shooting guns, taking boats on big ponds and fishing.

While Collins knew authorities had been looking in the general area for a convicted murderer with ties to a Mexican drug cartel who had broken free from a prison bus three weeks earlier, he may not have known that the fugitive had apparently burglarized a home next door to the ranch, according to family friend David Crain.

And within hours of their arrival, Collins and his grandsons were dead at the hands of the escapee, 46-year-old Gonzalo Lopez, who stole guns, clothes and a truck from the ranch before police shot him dead more than 200 miles away.”

In mid-may, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody released DHS documents showing that the Biden administration knows that drug cartels are controlling illegal immigration on the border.

The documents discuss how Mexican cartels are profiting from illegal immigration by charging migrants for safe passage and using that money to fund illegal activities in the US.

They also admit that Biden’s immigration policies are responsible for the influx of illegal immigrants, saying that DHS officials will have to prepare for more illegal immigration as due to the “pause in the use of removal pathways such as the Migrant Protection Protocols, Asylum Cooperation Agreements, and Prompt Asylum Claim Review”.

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