Guest post by Gen Z of Blue State Conservative -What is Going on with Sleepy Joe’s Catch-and-Bus Policies?

Thanks to a recent report by the Center for Immigration Studies, we now know what Biden is up to with his open border policies. He’s resettling thousands of migrants and illegals as permanent residents in red states.

Here’s what the CIS report said about those catch-and-bus policies:

“The buses rolling in a steady daily succession out of Del Rio — one charter a day, seven days a week, and before that, weeks of filling Greyhound buses — represent a microcosm of a much broader aspect of the unfolding mass-migration crisis at the southern border that has attracted limited media coverage and occurs largely outside public view. Tens of thousands of immigrants caught illegally crossing the border and then released under the new leniency policy of President Joe Biden are now dispersing to four corners of the United States on buses, with some of the more moneyed ones taking passenger jets.”

“As best as the Center for Immigration Studies can determine from interviews and scattered media reporting, the buses are leaving regularly from Del Rio, the Texas Rio Grande Valley communities, and Laredo, but the busing also appears to be going on in Arizona, as well as in California.”

“Where are the buses going? They often drop their Haitian, Venezuelan, and Cuban passengers in Florida and New Jersey. Those from Nicaragua and other Central American nations have been delivered to Tennessee, Massachusetts, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, and to large cities in Texas such as Dallas and Houston.”

You can see a video of that process here:

Other sources, as Kyle Becker noted in a recent Trending Politics article, have corroborated the CIS report. The Blaze, for example, reported this:

“Todd Bensman, senior national security fellow for the center, estimated that roughly 30,000 migrants who entered the country illegally have been bused directly into the country since the start of the year. That figure matches Border Patrol estimates The Blaze reported on earlier this week.”

So, not only is Biden’s catch-and-bus policy real, he’s using it to fill up the heartland with tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and migrants.

North Carolina already struggles with illegals voting in its elections. Georgia is packed full of illegal immigrants, especially on its farms and on the outskirts of the city. Tennessee, with a relatively small population of only 124,000 illegals, was one of the few states left that seemed untouched by the plague of mass illegal immigration.

But now Biden is, as the government is wont to do, creating new problems. Georgia and North Carolina will get to further bear the burden of illegal immigration. Wages will be driven down, Covid cases will spike (the government won’t give governors like Abbott the info they need on what illegals are infected with the virus), and crime will likely rise. Tennessee will get to experience the horrors of mass illegal immigration for the first time thanks to Joe’s catch-and-bus policies. Thanks, Joe!

What is happening to our nation is sickening. We’re struggling with unemployment thanks to the government’s response to Covid. The welfare burden is already too high and is placing a massive strain on our government’s coffers. Covid, while not the threat leftists make it out to be, is still spreading. Our courts are full of cases and can’t handle an increased caseload.

More illegal immigrants, especially if spread around the nation by a catch-and-bus policy rather than contained in a few secluded facilities and areas near the border, will only exacerbate those problems. Wages will be driven down. American citizens won’t be able to find work. The welfare burden will grow and, since illegals aren’t citizens, that growth won’t be offset by new taxes. Covid-infected illegals will spread the virus, further lengthening the lockdowns and other ridiculous Covid policies.


And all of it could have been avoided. Trump’s immigration policies were working. Illegals weren’t coming here anymore. Then sleepy Joe Biden was elected, and everything went to hell. Illegals mobbed the border, and Joe just let them in. Yet worse, he told ICE to release those in its custody and is not using a catch-and-bus policy to spread around those that were caught. If we know they’re illegals, why not bus them back to Mexico rather than to the heartland?

This cannot go on. Americans must stand up to the tyrannical and anti-American diktats of the Biden Administration, especially its new catch-and-bus policy.

Gen Z Conservative

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