On Thursday, Iran seized a US-bound oil tanker named the ‘Advantage Sweet’ according to the American maritime military service. Iran, who has hijacked five vessels in the past two years, released video footage likely meant to show off for the Iranian people. The footage shows navy commandos masked while instigating a helicopter-borne assault on the ship in the Gulf Of Oman.

Iran has justified the ship’s seizure, claiming that the tanker collided with an Iranian ship. According to Daily Mail, as of now, they have not provided evidence to bolster their claim. Some believe the ships are being taken so Iran can use them to bargain.

Advantage Sweet is managed by Turkey and owned by China and is the largest tanker seized by Iran so far. According to officials, the tanker was headed to Houston, Texas but did not make it far before being captured. The tanker sent a distress signal at 1.15 pm Thursday. The ship was seized while in international waters just north of Muscat, Oman’s capital. The boat disembarked from Kuwait, sailing through the Persian Gulf. The US Naval fleet stationed in the region is demanding the ship be released immediately, “Iran’s actions are contrary to international law and disruptive to regional security and stability; the Iranian government should immediately release the oil tanker.”

The skirmish comes after the US confiscated Iranian oil in an attempt to force sanctions on the country, according to the Jerusalem Post. Then according to a maritime security firm, just days later, Iran seized another oil-laden tanker in retaliation. For years the US has imposed sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program. But Iran says it does not recognize the sanctions and is casting off America’s boycott, producing and exporting more oil. America’s government believes Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons, but leadership from Tehran insists their nuclear ambitions are for civilian purposes only.
However, energy blogger Anas Alhajji asked why the US is fighting Iran for the release of a Chinese ship. And why are the Chinese delivering oil to the US?

For now, Iran is claiming that the oil tanker attempted to outrun Iranian forces in an attempt to flee after crashing with another vessel. ‘The unknown vessel, while acting in violation of international regulations to help the vessel and the injured, attempted to escape from the Persian Gulf.’
Iran’s news station IRNA claims that Iranians suffered the loss after an “unknown ship collided with an Iranian vessel last night in the Persian Gulf.”  Adding it caused “several Iranian crew members to go missing and get injured.”
When President Trump was in the White House, he made it clear that he would not tolerate Iran’s boats coming alongside American ships as they did under the Obama administration.

The Obama administration, like the Biden administration’s weak and ineffective global policies, make delivering goods to America more difficult, and the American way of life less sustainable.


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