Is this the “normalcy” Biden promised America?

Joe Biden, the proclaimed “man of empathy,” is now too busy to comment on the tragedy unfolding in Maui?

While thousands are left in despair and families mourn the loss of their loved ones, President Biden is catching rays, cycling, and enjoying beach vibes.

Quite the stark contrast, isn’t it?

It’s baffling.

The same media that painted him as the savior America needed in its hour of need now seems oddly silent.


Remember how they portrayed him?

“The empathetic grandfather,” the “beacon of hope,” and the “right man for the moment.”

It seems that moment does not include Maui’s disaster.

This isn’t about demanding a performative appearance at disaster sites.

No, this is about basic human decency, being present and being a leader.

Contrast this behavior to how Republicans are treated when faced with similar circumstances.

The double standards are glaring.

President George W. Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina?

Endlessly criticized.

Senator Ted Cruz’s ill-timed vacation during the Texas winter storm?

Near vilification.

And yet, Biden, with his silence, his smirks, his vacations amid national tragedies… seems to get a pass?

The narrative around Biden was supposed to be a refreshing change after the tumultuous Trump years.

But where’s the empathy now, Joe?

Where’s the leadership?

You’ll want to read this to see just how far the mighty empathetic have fallen.

The “return to normalcy” seems more like a “return to apathy.”

Dive deep and see the hypocrisy unfold.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“No comment.”

That’s how President Joe Biden , fresh off his latest sunbathing session capping off weeks of cycling and chilling at the beach , responded when asked about the deadly wildfires that have decimated the island of Maui and taken the lives of 96 people and counting.

Wait, isn’t Biden supposed to be a shining beacon of grandfatherly empathy? After all, didn’t a tsunami of legacy media propaganda cement this notion in place during his 2020 campaign?

“How Empathy Defines Joe Biden,” Forbes offered. “Biden’s Empathy Is What Matches Him to This Moment,” Peter Wehner wrote for the Atlantic in a column now titled “Biden May Be Just the Person America Needs.” And what about Time with “Joe Biden’s Empathy Offensive”?


Offensive being the operative word….

It is true that the modern obsession with performative politics in times of tragedy has resulted in the somewhat bizarre expectation that politicians immediately descend on the site of any disaster as proof not only of their control of the situation, but also of their deep and unwavering compassion.

Not only that, but any politician who fails at any stage to behave otherwise, regardless of their previous actions or work behind the scenes, is widely demonized … if they’re a Republican.

Perhaps the best-known example of this phenomenon is the intentional political demolition of President George W. Bush in the days following Hurricane Katrina’s destruction of New Orleans. This was arguably motivated by the desire to distract from local institutional and structural failures by pushing the falsehood that the federal government is to blame for all that is bad … if the state or local government is controlled by Democrats.

But the same can be said of the worst-timed vacation in history and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who was photographed flying to Mexico while Texas grappled with the severe impact of a winter storm, including mass power outages.

How disconnected or, dare I say, nonchalant does one have to be to smile and smirk in the face of tragedy?

When journalists asked President Joe Biden about the devastating Maui fires, instead of a word of compassion, he casually threw out a “No comment,” accompanied by a jarring grin.

It’s almost as if he was asked about a benign topic like his favorite flavor of ice cream.

It begs the question: Is Biden genuinely this out of touch with the emotions and sensitivities of the moment, or is it simply his default to grin and bear it?

Is it possible that Biden has become so conditioned to his “No comment” mantra that he’s incapable of deviating from it?

One might speculate if this is a tactic to shield himself from potential blunders or if he’s genuinely oblivious to the mood of the situation.

There are times when silence might be golden, but it’s painfully evident that this wasn’t one of them.

And that grin?

Entirely out of place.

Red State has more details on just how terrible and cold-hearted Biden’s response was:

As I previously reported, Joe Biden’s response when asked for a comment about the Maui fire was truly cold.

Over the weekend, as more bodies were discovered from the horrible fire, the death total moved to at least 93 people, with hundreds of people still missing and the number of dead likely to rise. Authorities were calling it the worst wildfire in a century. Thousands have been displaced, and much of Lahaina was wiped out. People are raising a lot of questions about the response, and they need a lot of help there.

But according to reports, Biden responded, “No comment.” He seemingly couldn’t be bothered to comment about the people in Maui when he was on yet another one of his many vacations.

I thought that was bad enough. But it gets worse.

Now there is a video of Biden answering that question, and not only does he say “No Comment” in response, but he also smirks/has a big wide grin as he responds.


The reporters ask him to come to talk with them about the Hawaii response, but he gets into his car and takes off.

You have to wonder if he’s relying too heavily on his team’s prep work and those trusty note cards.

Without them, is he like a deer caught in headlights, defaulting to that auto-response with an ill-timed grin?

Given the circumstances, this “no comment” speaks volumes.

And that’s not even delving into his prompt exit afterward.

While thousands of Americans are suffering, Biden is giving billions more to Ukraine.

Is this really a man of the people?

Is this really a man you are proud to call leader of the free world?

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