After many failed attempts to relate with younger voters, the Biden campaign tried yet again to win the hearts of young people. This time it wasn’t a speech filled with mumbling and errors, but rather a shot at connecting on the “woke” trend. Most of the internet thinks Joe Biden is “creepy and old and out of touch and kinda lame” — and a statement he made Wednesday reinforced that belief. The fact of the matter is that the majority of young Americans do not like Biden at all.


“All of a sudden, this place, this phrase ‘Everybody has been woked.’ Well guess what, the rest of the working class people have been awakened and realized, whoa,” Biden said. What an embarrassment!

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Joe Biden’s appearance on Snapchat this week didn’t help his case either. As the app’s Peter Hamby noted in the interview, most of the internet thinks Biden is “creepy and old and out of touch and kinda lame” – and that impression was only further reinforced:

  • Biden forgot soccer player Megan Rapinoe’s name and called Andrew Yang “Andrew Young.”
  • Biden’s attempt to relate to young people by mentioning Uber was cringeworthy.

Keep trying Joe, keep trying! Biden failed YET AGAIN claiming that “young people are not getting all their news from the internet.”

While the Trump campaign reaches young voters with fun memes amassing millions of views, the Biden campaign has yet to connect with Millenials and Gen Z having failed to invest into their digital strategy.

Given Biden’s embarrassing, glitch-filled digital appearances, it’s not surprising that there’s a lack of enthusiasm for Biden among young voters. He can barely get through an appearance without getting lost or telling people not to vote for him.

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