The Policy of Infanticide

The US Department of Health and Human Services, under Joe Biden, has launched an unprecedented war on babies and Christian values. Along with ramping up abortion funding HHS also stripped their Office for Civil Rights of their ability to investigate violations of conscience and religious freedom laws, leading to the following slap in the face of decency:

From The Federalist: In 2019, OCR found a hospital had violated a nurse’s conscience rights by forcing her to participate in an abortion over her known conscience objection. When the hospital refused to change its policies to comply with the law, the federal government sued the hospital in federal court.

But on Becerra’s watch and despite his many promises to continue enforcing federal conscience laws, the Biden administration quietly dismissed the case without any settlement, agreement, or compensation for the nurse. Because federal conscience protection laws do not provide a private right of action, she cannot sue on her own and the violating hospital has been let off with impunity.

Xavier Becerra

Biden’s HHS has also launched a massive campaign in an effort to push abortion down the American public’s throat, despite both Biden and Secretary Becerra being “devout Catholics.” Their goal is infanticide, plain and simple.

In response to Texas’ law protecting unborn children with beating hearts from abortion, the Biden-Becerra HHS announced, despite prohibitions on federal funds going to abortion, ways the department could “bolster access to safe and legal abortions in Texas.” HHS is awarding $10 million in additional funding to increase access to abortion pills for those affected by the Texas law.

Becerra, who has oddly and repeatedly refused to acknowledge that partial-birth abortion is illegal, led HHS’s charge to fund Big Abortion. In 2021, Planned Parenthood received more than $5.4 million in taxpayer funds from HHS, an amount that is sure to increase over the next three years

The War on Faith

Being a Christian healthcare professional no longer offers you protections from having to aid in the process of abortion, seeing that there is no longer an office to investigate these violations of rights.

Additionally, being a faith-based foster care or adoption facility no longer offers insulation from alphabet nonsense. Indeed, despite the Supreme Court unanimously ruling that these agencies can act in accordance with their religious beliefs, the HHS has rescinded their financial aid to the otherwise-qualifying faith-based institutions unless they conform to the woke agenda on sexuality and gender.

This is all to go without mentioning the longstanding effort to force schools to indoctrinate children with super-woke sex and gender education which goes against all things decent in the world.

To summarize, the HHS wants things one of two ways under Becerra: either babies should be murdered, or they should be force-fed a woke, LGBT agenda.

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