The numbers are in and Joe Biden is losing in a big way. Several polls are showing Biden’s numbers tanked to 46 percent in September following the Afghanistan crisis and the invasion at the southern border.

The latest Harvard/Harris polls has Trump’s approval ratings surpassing Biden in September.

With multiple ‘fires’ to put out, the Biden administration is scattered and failing on messaging. While Press Secretary Jen Psaki is telling reporters that the border is closed, Americans are getting the truth straight from Fox News reporter Bill Melugin.

Because of photos and videos of our southern border, Americans are questioning the Biden policy that has been allowing UNVACCINATED illegals to enter the interior of the Country. This is really about America’s sovereignty and Biden is putting Americans last.

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Independent voters, who favored Biden by 61 percent at the highest point. Now only 37 percent of independents approve of the job he’s doing.

Fifty-six percent of independents disapprove of Biden.

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Just listen to DHS Secretary Mayorkas brag about how the Biden administration has dropped so many Trump border policies that there are too many to list. In other words, the Biden plan is open borders vs. the Trump plan of sovereignty.

‘The Five’ discussed Biden’s tanking poll numbers:


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