As the Biden regime provides military aid to Ukraine, the United States has been left with dangerously low levels of weapons stockpiles. Joe Biden has been using drawdowns, which permits him to withdraw existing weapons and war materials from U.S. military stocks to help Ukraine in the fight against Russia. Because our government is allocating supplies to Ukraine, the U.S. weapons stockpiles are now reportedly at the lowest levels we’ve seen in decades.

A report obtained by Newsmax revealed that the U.S. has spent nearly $8.4 billion in presidential drawdowns since Russia made its first attacks on Ukraine.

The report said, “As the U.S. continues to provide security assistance to Ukraine, defense primes have been tasked with both meeting newfound demand throughout Europe and restocking U.S. inventories that have dwindled as a result of 20 presidential drawdowns since August 2021.”

The current ammunition stockpiles are at levels that, during wartime, would be considered problematic, according to Department of Defense officials.

Back in May, the Military Times reported a significant strain on the U.S. stockpile, expressing concern about the severe depletion of important weaponry.

Despite the widespread concern about the nation’s supply of war-related resources, Biden signed a bill on Friday to send another round of military and economic aid to Ukraine, over $12.3 billion worth.

Democratic Rep. Rosa DeLauro commented on the contents of the bill, saying, “This contribution ensures we continue upholding our moral responsibility to support the people of Ukraine in the face of a vicious invasion that continues to demand decisive action by us.”

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