Joe Biden’s re-election prospects got even dimmer this week as it was revealed that he is posting dismal fundraising numbers despite holding an incumbency advantage over Republican and Democratic challengers.

Even within his own party, he faces a challenge from a candidate who currently has a higher approval rating than him- Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

RFK Jr. has received effusive praise and endorsements from high-profile celebrities such as former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, star Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and the nation’s most-watched podcaster, Joe Rogan.

Biden has been striking out against his likely Republican opponent, former President Donald Trump as well.

A current RealClearPolitics polling average shows Trump winning against Biden by 0.5% and scandals have started to plague Biden as his son pled guilty this week to two misdemeanor tax charges and stated his intention to plead guilty to felony gun charges.

On top of receiving little enthusiasm from voters, Biden also reportedly has been receiving little enthusiasm from donors.

A Politico report indicated that Biden’s core supporters are ‘anxious’ about his inability to fundraise.

Bundlers and fundraisers for the President told Politico that when they attempted to get donors to attend a fundraiser in California, they only received single-digit responses in return.

Meanwhile, Trump has seen multi-million dollar surges in fundraising since his first indictment by Manhattan Attorney General Avin Bragg in April and a federal indictment that dropped this month.

Breitbart Reports

President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign fundraising is reportedly not going so well.

A dozen bundlers and donors across the country told Politico that Biden’s campaign fundraising numbers are not as strong as he hoped, causing “anxiety,” “concern,” and “nervousness” among his supporters.

The picture will become clearer next month when the 2024 campaigns file Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports. Biden’s goal is to raise about $2 billion for the entire cycle to defeat the Republican nominee.

“One DNC official dismissed the early anxiety as typical sky-is-falling tactics that bundlers use every election cycle,” Politico reported.

But two people who tried to raise money in California for the president this week reportedly only received single-digit responses:


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