Afghanistan is Biden’s Benghazi Part II.

Less than one hour ago, we reported about the shocking deaths of 10 US Marines who’ve become sitting ducks for the Taliban and the reemerging ISIS terror group as they bravely attempt to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies from the Kabul Airport. The airport is the only remaining territory the Taliban has allowed Biden and his woke Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley in their final 5 days in the new Islamic state.

BREAKING REPORT: Blood on Biden’s Hands…At Least 10 Marines Killed, Three Injured in Kabul Attack…It’s Crickets from Biden

The latest report is that terrorists have now slaughtered 11 US Marines and 1 Navy medic in Kabul.

Today’s bloody massacre of our military in Kabul, Afghanistan, is reminiscent of the completely incompetent handling of the 2012 terror attack on our embassy in Benghazi by then-President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Only last month, America’s feckless “commander-in-chief,” Joe Biden, assured us that the likelihood of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan was “highly unlikely!” So were Joe’s intelligence sources too busy spying on Tucker Carlson or surveilling innocent Trump supporters who dared to stand on the steps of the Capitol on January 6th to predict such a catastrophe?

This international crisis could have been avoided if Democrats, who are now running the show in DC, were focused on a safe and efficient evacuation of Americans and our allies in Afghanistan, instead of trying to convince voters that Trump supporters are the biggest threat we face or that getting to the bottom of the January 6th breach of the Capitol was the most pressing issue in America. In addition, perhaps if Democrats and their allies in the dishonest mainstream media were less focused on pushing legislation to make voter fraud easier for Democrats in the 2022 election and beyond, they could’ve pressed Biden on his plan for a safe and effective withdrawal.

Pray for our nation. Pray for our military. Pray for the innocent individual and families our feckless leaders have so far, failed to evacuate.

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