We’ve been watching the attacks one after another on the DC Metro Train and it’s apparent that the press (except for the local FOX station) and local officials are doing a good job of keeping this under wraps as the latest victim states:

She added, “We would have liked to have known. I think if I had more information, I may have made a different decision about riding Metro.”

You’d think the DC METRO would send out a picture because they DO have surveillance:

 Metro has yet to put out any suspect description or surveillance images of the suspects.

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Why does the press continue to suppress any news on the trend of black teens assaulting people for absolutely NO REASON:

They said the attack was unprovoked. “We literally said nothing to them,” said the boyfriend. Nothing was stolen by this group of teens.

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WASHINGTON – Two more victims have come forward in another violent attack at a Metro station. It is the latest in a string of violent assaults happening in the transit system.

“I don’t know exactly what was happening,” said one of the victims. “I heard my girlfriend screaming.”

It was 15 seconds of terror for a D.C. couple after they were attacked by a group of teenagers on Metro.

“I think there were about ten kids who were just all attacking us,” said the girlfriend.

It was 9:30 p.m. Saturday night on January 2. The couple was waiting for a train at the Metro Center stop after spending a night at the movies. They were sitting on a bench when he was sucker-punched from behind and suffered a loss of vision.

“It all happened very quickly, and then they were just hitting us both in the face and head,” said the female victim.

They said the attack was unprovoked.

“We literally said nothing to them,” said the boyfriend.

The male victim had two black swollen eyes, welts on his head and bruised wrists from shielding his face. His girlfriend was left bleeding with a split lip.

Nothing was stolen by this group of teens.

“It was pretty quick and direct,” he said. “They came up – I noticed they had scarves over their face – they said a few words about my shoes, about getting up, if I wanted to give them my seat, and then before I had a chance to respond, that is when they just started attacking.”

The couple said had they been made aware by Metro about the recent uptick in assaults by groups of juveniles, they would have likely chosen another way to get home.

“At this point, I just feel like if someone wants to attack me, they can,” said the female victim. “I don’t really feel safe on the Metro anymore.”

She added, “We would have liked to have known. I think if I had more information, I may have made a different decision about riding Metro.”


WASHINGTON – It is the third known assault on a Metro train in recent days. A 15-year-old boy and two of his friends were randomly attacked and badly beaten on New Year’s Day.

One of the victim’s mother is sharing her story with FOX 5 and a city official is voicing his outrage.

You’re sitting there and you just get sucker punched,” said the mother of the 15-year-old victim.

This woman’s son and his two friends said they were the victims of an unexpected and unprovoked attack by a group of eight unknown teenagers.

“All three of them said they put their arms up trying to protect their face,” said the mother.

The train came to a stop at the Shaw-Howard U Metro station as the teens were left bleeding and their faces battered on a day they were hoping to spend at the mall. Instead, they ended up at Children’s National Medical Center.

“They could tell that these kids were visibly older, bigger than them and all they could do was just basically sit there,” said the victim’s mother. “They were actually all hit in the face. It wasn’t like body shots or anything like that.”

Just five days before, a 19-year-old was left lying on the platform at the Pentagon City Metro station after being sucker-punched in front of witnesses who were able to take pictures of the alleged aggressor on their cellphone.

“People don’t feel safe and we’re having these incidents,” said D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans (D-Ward 2). “If we have roaming groups of youths attacking people, that’s unacceptable and something we have to put to a stop.”
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