Yesterday, the not so funny comedian, Chelsea Handler made the mistake of attempting to make a joke about Donald Trump Jr., flipping on his father, President Donald J. Trump.

Handler tweeted: I can’t wait for Donald Trump junior to flip on his father. That’s going to be awesome.

Donald Trump Jr., who is known for his quick wit and stinging replies to liberals on Twitter, completely destroyed Handler with his response to her not-so-funny tweet:

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I’d say stick to comedy but you weren’t funny enough to avoid cancellation of your Netflix show. Stay away from politics — no reason to suck at two things.

Trump Jr. doubled down on his response to Handler’s tweet with a second and equally stinging tweet to the leftist comedian, reminding everyone of the time Handler said she’d leave the U.S. if Donald Trump becomes President:

This wasn’t the first time Handler was destroyed on Twitter for her hateful remarks about President Trump or anyone associated with him. 

In December, 2017, after Handler attacked President Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabeee-Sanders, conservative Hollywood actor, James Woods, who’s known for his brilliant wit and his great sense of humor on Twitter,  posted a video of Handler, proving that beyond a shadow of a doubt, liberalism really is truly a mental disorder.

During a 2017 interview, the not-funny “comedian” and unhinged liberal Chelsea Handler, called Sarah Huckabee Sanders a ‘harlot’ with ‘summer-whore lipstick’ and a ‘trollop.’

James Woods didn’t waste any time reminding Twitter users about the disgusting video of Chelsea Handler, where she’s swimming in the water while actor and comedian Jason Biggs is standing above her on a boat, peeing all over her face. Handler seems unfazed by Biggs peeing on her face, as she looks around smiling, and acting like a human urinal.

Woods tweeted about Handler: This person berates the character of @SarahHuckabee on a daily basis. #ChelseaHandlerHumanUrinal

This wasn’t the first time Donald Trump Jr. hit back, after Handler attacked a member of his family. A few months after Handler attacked Sarah Sanders, she attacked Eric Trump and his wife Lara, who were expecting their first baby.  Unfortunately, for Handler, she didn’t know how to spell “genes”.

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Donald Trump Jr. was quick to reply to her nasty tweet, reminding everyone how intolerant the left really is:


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