Let’s be honest for a minute, we all know this isn’t about Kid Rock. The George Soros funded, cowardly, masked, and very violent group Antifa don’t have a bone to pick with Kid Rock. Antifa showing up at Kid Rock’s concert tonight in Detriot is about Robert Ritchie’s (aka Kid Rock’s) potential run for US Senator against the Democrat Party’s “yes girl”, Senator Debbie Stabenow. Stabenow’s anti-American votes on the Senate floor have managed to fly under the radar for far too long and it appears that she may be up against a very popular personality in Michigan. After we saw Donald J. Trump take the state of Michigan in 2016, there can be no question that Kid Rock’s potential candidacy scares the cr*p out of George Soros and his Democrat Party.
Is Antifa making a big mistake showing up in Detroit surrounded by Rock’s badass fans who are very passionate about their support for the beloved hometown rocker?

Detroit’s own Kid Rock will open the all-new Little Caesars Arena on Tuesday, Sept. 12, but a group is planning a rally outside of the arena ahead of his concert.

The rally will take place from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. outside of the arena. The concert is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m.

According to the Facebook event, the group plans to “rally against symbols of white supremacy and hate in our amazing city of Detroit.”

Kid Rock raised his son, Robert James Ritchie, Jr. (who is half black) as a single parent. Rock was also the recipient of the NAACP’s great expectiations award in acknowlegement of his work in helping the black community in Detroit 

Kid Rock has previously used the Confederate Flag at his concerts, and in 2015, the National Action Network asked General Motors to stop sponsoring his tour over the use of the flag.

At the time, General Motors found Kid Rock has not flown the Confederate Flag since around 2011. –WXYZ

Stephen Henderson, the race-obsessed Editorial Page Editor of the Detroit Free Press had this to say about Kid Rock and the Illitches, who never gave up on the city of Detroit, and continued to throw tens of millions of dollars at new ventures, even when many of us in the suburbs believed they were wasting their money on a city that could never be resecutated:

This is a musician who got rich off crass cultural appropriation of black music, who used to wrap his brand in the Confederate flag — a symbol inextricably linked to racism, no matter what its defenders say — and who has repeatedly issued profane denouncements of the very idea of African Americans pushing back against American inequality. Just last week, he trashed Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who’s jobless right now because he dared challenge the nation’s racism with a silent, kneeling protest during the pre-football game singing of the national anthem.

Having Kid Rock open this arena is erecting a sturdy middle finger to Detroiters — nothing less. And the Ilitches, who’ve done so much for this city and also taken so much from it, should be the last to embrace that kind of signaling.

Sadly, it’s people like Stephen Henderson who are so steeped in hate for anyone who doesn’t buy into his embarrassing attempts to shame the white man, that will help to keep the hateful and divisive course Barack Obama set for our nation alive and well…


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