Bill Barr, he’s the Attorney General the left loves to hate.

The fearless Bill Barr, who seems to revel in the hatred heaped upon him by the left asked his driver to turn around after he noticed a group of protesters standing on the side of the road waving “Back The Blue” signs and showing their support for law enforcement.

DOJ spokesperson Kerri Kupec posted an incredible video of Attorney General Bill Barr making an unannounced stop in Virginia to thank and “elbow bump” the group of patriots.

That time you’re driving in Virginia and the Attorney General spots a group of people in front of a police precinct showing their support for the police. AG to FBI Detail: “Can we make a quick U-Turn? I want to jump out and thank those people.” Watch! #SoundOn

AG Barr told his driver to turn around and park and he got out and thanked the protesters.

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