Despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, the arrogant former AG Bill Barr was quick to dismiss claims of thousands of citizens from across the US who witnessed voter fraud or voter irregularities in the 2020 election.

After Barr issued a statement on Dec. 1, 2020, that no widespread voter fraud occurred in the 2020 election, he helped the Democrats to shut down the voices of credible witnesses with legitimate evidence.

One of the best examples of AG Barr ignoring legitimate claims of election fraud was the case of Jesse Morgan, a truck driver with the USPS subcontractor who bravely spoke out about his belief that he transferred a cargo load of 288,000 COMPLETED ballots across state lines,

“I was driving completed ballots from New York to Pennsylvania. I didn’t know, so I decided to speak up.”

“Team Trump” posted a video of Morgan speaking out about the suspicious delivery on Twitter. Unfortunately, like 100 Percent Fed Up and the Gateway Pundit, two news websites that extensively reported voter fraud, Twitter has removed their account.

Watch the OAN video of Jesse Morgan explaining precisely what happened on the day he allegedly delivered the 288,000 completed ballots across state lines:

Retired Lt. Col Tony Shaffer, President of the London Center for Policy Research, a New York Times bestselling author, and CIA-trained intelligence operations officer with 35 years of experience in global and national security, investigated the claims of the brave USPS subcontractor Jesse Morgan. Lt. Col Shaffer told the Gateway Pundit that former US AG Bill Barr told him to stop looking into the transfer of ballots from NY to PA.

Now, 17 months later, Bill Barr is still laughing. This time, he’s laughing during the Democrat’s live Jan. 6 witch hunt, hearing over the most credible evidence of massive voter fraud to date.

During his pre-recorded testimony,  Barr told the witch hunt committee that President Trump “didn’t seem to be listening” to him when he tried to explain the election wasn’t stolen.

“Uh, the election was not stolen by fraud. And I haven’t seen anything since the election that changes my mind on that, including the ‘2000 Mules’ movie,” Barr said as he laughed hysterically.

Barr cited the lack of photographic evidence. And then mocked the geo-tracking cell phone data.

“The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was unimpressed with it. I was similarly unimpressed with it,” Barr told the witch hunt committee.

“The cellphone data is singularly unimpressive,” Barr said, adding, “Basically, if you take 2 million cellphones and figure out where they are physically in a big city like Atlanta or wherever, by definition, you’re going to find many hundreds of them that have passed by and spent time in the vicinity these boxes. And the premise that if you go buy five boxes or whatever it was, that that’s a mule, is indefensible.”

Clearly, Bill Barr has no idea how geo-tracking works or about the precision of the data obtained by the True the Vote investigators.

Watch Bill Barr laugh at the evidence of mass voter fraud that was revealed in the 2000 Mules movie, based on the incredible investigative work of True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips.

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