Bill Maher used to be a libertarian icon, like by many on both sides of the isle.

Then, he evolved (or became more honest) and settled in as a far-left Democrat and progressive icon and comedic propagandist.

However, the political landscape has shifted so far to the left that even Bill Maher has begun attacking the left in his monologues, recently.

Don’t be fools; he truly doesn’t get it, and likely never will.  But there are some issues that he properly recognizes have gone of the rails in the Democrat party.  To his credit, Maher is beginning to  recognize the worrisome trend of anti-free speech in the country.  However, he ignored it willfully for many years, and continues to largely deny its root cause (and actually agrees with broad portions of it).  So, while one must not look to him for solutions or a complete understanding, it is hopeful that his scathing monologues now include regular portions devoted to railing against the left.

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In one such segment, last Friday, Maher said this of the left in America:

“I don’t want to live in a world where liberals are the up tight ones…Now that’s us.  We’re the fun suckers now,” said Maher.  “We suck the fun out of everything.  Halloween.  The Oscars.  Childhood.  Twitter.  Comedy…”  Maher then compared woke college kids to only the “worst parts of a southern Baptist.”

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“And that’s wrong,” he joked “because it’s cultural appropriation.”

We may not often agree with you, Bill, but we don’t want you–or anyone–to get cancelled by your colleagues for making a joke.

Do you think people like Maher will ever ‘get it?’

We hope so, because the battle America faces will be much harder without at least a few of them waking up, too.

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