As Joe Biden’s poll numbers drop, and enthusiasm for Trump is off the charts, Hollywood liberal activists are panicking.

Yesterday, loudmouth leftist activist and filmmaker, Michael Moore was sounding the alarm about Trump’s poll numbers in Michigan:

Washington Examiner – Liberal late-night comedian Bill Maher said he’s “very nervous” about Joseph R. Biden’s chances of beating President Trump in the November election.

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Appearing on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” host Joy Reid asked the HBO host what he thought of the lineup of Black speakers at the Republican National Convention, and whether their participation gave White people a “permission slip” to reelect Mr. Trump despite his “racism.”

“It was very effective,” Mr. Maher responded.

Maher also added that he’s not a fan of conformity and that he doesn’t think it was a good idea for Joe Biden to say “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote for him.

Maher said he felt the same way four years ago as he does now, admitting that he’s “very nervous” about Trump winning the election in November.


President Trump responded to Bill Maher’s comments in a tweet, where he reminded the liberal hacks that he’s leading in the formerly blue states of MI and MN.

“Leading in Michigan, leading in Minnesota, leading all over. Sorry!” Trump tweeted.

Former B-actor Tom Arnold, who’s been visited by the Secret Service over death threats aimed at President Trump, had this to say about Michael Moore and Bill Maher coming to terms with Trump defeating Joe Biden in November:

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