One of the greatest comedians/actors of all time, Bill Murray, is known for being an easy going kind of guy, often crashing parties and taking photos with fans on the fly and just being an all around swell fellow.

Unfortunately, it seems he too has been infected with the deadly disease of progressivism that has been claiming the intellectual life of some of the world’s most talented artists and entertainers.

Murray published an op-ed piece comparing Parkland student protesters to those who protested against the Vietnam War, uncharacteristically dipping his toe in the world of politics.

Talk about a knife to the heart. Ouch.

TheBlaze reports:

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Murray said that the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who have been outspoken for gun control since the Feb. 14 deadly mass killing, weren’t all that different from the high school students who protested the Vietnam War in the 1960s and 1970s.

“We are living in interesting times, and people are becoming politically activated who weren’t previously,” Murray, 67, wrote.

The actor went on to explain that the Parkland students could very well effect substantial change in gun policy as a result of their determination.

“I was thinking, looking at the kids in Parkland, Florida who have started these anti-gun protests, that it really was the students that began the end of the Vietnam War,” he wrote. “It was the students who made all the news, and that noise started, and then the movement wouldn’t stop.”

“I think, maybe, this noise that those students in Florida are making — here, today — will do something of the same nature,” Murray added.

“Ending the Vietnam war was not a simple thing,” he explained. “You had to make sure that all our people were safe; we had to make sure that they were as safe as you could be. And, you might remember, people thought it was going to be the end of the world if we lost Vietnam. But that war had to stop.”

This is just plain outright painful, especially as a huge fan of Murray’s work. However, it’s not all that surprising. The vast majority of Hollywood is leftist, though it certainly seemed that perhaps Murray was different, a celebrity who strolled down the middle and stayed out of politics.

No dice on that one.

What Murray and other celebrities don’t seem to understand is that gun control isn’t going to prevent evil people from carrying out horrific acts. It’s only going to create more potential victims for those who already don’t respect the law.

The right to own firearms is a pivotal right guaranteed by the Constitution, a measure our Founding Fathers wisely put in the Bill of Rights to ensure Americans could possess the means to defend themselves against both criminals and tyrants.

We simply cannot give that up, under any circumstances, or else risk ending up in a totalitarian state with no means of fighting back.

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