Is FOX News about to see their top host go the way of  FOX News Chairman Roger Ailes, who was also accused of sexual harassment related to the workplace? More women are becoming vocal about sexual harassment allegations against mega-host Bill O’Reilly of the O’Reilly Factor. Will FOX News allow the cases to be heard in court, or will the liberal son of Rupert Murdoch who pushed for the ousting of Roger Ailes replace FOX News’ most popular host?

Embattled Fox News host Bill O’Reilly announced on Tuesday that he will be going off the air for almost two weeks, to take a vacation.

The anchor’s announcement comes amid an ongoing controversy over sexual harassment allegations made against him and a new report that James Murdoch wants him out of the company for good.

The exodus of sponsors followed a recent report in The New York Times that five women were paid a total of $13million to keep quiet about harassment allegations.

The accusations surrounding O’Reilly, which date back 15 years, include claims of dirty phone calls, unwanted kisses and hotel room invites.

‘The assumption is that he’ll exit in a non-embarrassing way,’ one senior Fox News staffer told the magazine.

O’Reilly declined to share where he was heading, but has launched an online contest for fans to vote on where they think his vacation destination is. He made the point that the time off was voluntary.

Bill O’Reilly kept his announcement to leave FOX News for a two-week vacation upbeat:

The claims prompted 60 sponsors to drop advertising deals with the prime time show and led to an internal investigation.

Four network sources told New York Magazine that it’s possible O’Reilly’s getaway could turn into a permanent vacation.

The Murdoch family, the owners of Fox, are reportedly split on what to do about O’Reilly. 

Rupert Murdoch and his eldest son Lachlan are said to be inclined to keep O’Reilly, while younger son James – the CEO of 21st Century Fox – wants to give him the boot.

James also pushed to fire Roger Ailes amid last summer’s sex scandal, and sources think he could be successful in weeding out O’Reilly this time around. Daily Mail

James Murdoch is said to have convinced his father, 76, to “go green” in a major May 9 speech. In the speech, Rupert Murdoch sounded like Al Gore, saying that “Climate change poses clear, catastrophic threats” and that “We may not agree on the extent, but we certainly can’t afford the risk of inaction.”

Marc Gunther of Fortune magazine commented that “Murdoch has boldly promised to make News Corp. carbon neutral by 2010 and to weave environmental issues and themes into his newspapers, TV shows, movies and online properties-a tricky business, particularly when it comes to news.” (emphasis added)

The Hillary front organization known as Media Matters has challenged Murdoch to rein in the various Fox News personalities, including Hannity, who have voiced skepticism about the man-made global warming theory. The group complains that conservative voices on Fox far outnumber “progressive” voices and that Fox anchors, reporters, and guests inject pro-Republican views into the shows.

Murdoch’s decision to hand the European and Asian operations of his company to his son James has been widely interpreted as a sign that James will soon inherit control of the entire company. That means that James’ liberal philosophy on environmental and other matters could become the party line not only of News Corporation but the Fox News Channel.

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The New York Times has described James Murdoch as “steadfastly liberal” and notes that he “has supported Bill Clinton and Al Gore whose daughter he befriended at Harvard.”  – Aim


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