Yesterday, during a campaign stop in Vermont, the off-putting and unrelatable billionaire Republican turned Independent turned Democrat presidential candidate, Michael Bloomberg showed his small circle of supporters how uncomfortable he is interacting with everyday people.

The disastrous former mayor of New York City can be seen in the video below attempting to connect with a man sitting in the corner of the room when his dog, who is yawning approaches Bloomberg. For whatever reason, Bloomberg sticks his hand in the mouth of the dog and begins to vigorously shake the dog’s mouth.


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Michael Bloomberg is so awkward in his attempts to connect with everyday people that he almost makes Hillary Clinton seem personable.

Bloomberg will be remembered by New Yorkers for his attempts to limit the amount of soda residents in New York City should be allowed to consume, as well as his “Stop and Frisk” policy and of course, for his efforts to curb violence through gun-control.


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