The liberals at Sundance Movie Festival loved the throwback race baiting movie of Nat Turner’s slave rebellion. They loved it so much that it was picked up by Fox Searchlight for $17.5 million! As Black Lives Matter keeps the faux concerns and protests going, this movie will only stoke the fires of racial unrest right before the 2016 election. Perfect timing on the part of those who want to keep stoking the race war in America. What’s most disturbing about this movie is the movie poster portraying Nat Turner in a noose made from an American flag. Please boycott this movie if for no other reason than the use of an American flag in such a disgraceful way! 

The latest poster for Nate Parker’s Birth of a Nation continues the theme of powerful historical images for the movie’s marketing campaign.

The one-sheet, which debuted on Tidal, shows Parker’s character, Nat Turner, being hung by a noose made out of the American flag.



The movie, which Parker wrote, directed, starred in and produced, follows the story of Turner and his failed slave rebellion in the antebellum South. The incredibly powerful image is the latest to debut for the historical drama, whose previous poster was a stylized version of the American flag with stripes made up of members of Turner’s ill-fated slave revolt.

The Sundance standout, which sold for $17.5 million to Fox Searchlight, is already expected to play a big role in the upcoming awards season. It is set to hit theaters on Oct. 7. marketing campaign.

Via: Hollywood Reporter


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