There are more questions than answers in a case in Indiana where an illegal alien who was given to a foster family turns out to be an adult. He says he lied about his age so he could stay in the US and make money for his family in Mexico. Why wouldn’t we send him back to Mexico in the first place? is this another example of the catch and release policy where we let illegals stay and then set them up for a court date months and even years from now?


Mark Kirkorian explains the 1,500 “missing illegal alien children” issue:

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Many times foster parents don’t know a lot about the child coming into their care.

But for one foster family, it took about 20 days before anyone realized they were caring for a 22-year-old undocumented immigrant.

The man claimed that he was 17-years-old

According to this 13-page police report, Indiana State Police pulled over a van on the Toll Road about 3 weeks ago.

The report says there were several undocumented immigrants, including one man who convinced law enforcement that he was 17.

For the last 20 days, 22-year-old Javier Santiago Flores was living with an Indiana foster family.

He was placed into the care of Indiana Deprtment of Child Services after convincing law enforcement he was 17.

Foster parent and advocate Kristi Cundiff says there is a process DCS goes through when placing a child.

“It varies county by county,” said Cundiff. “They do an intake. They try to get as much information from the biological family as they possibly can. They will try to get a physical done on the child as soon as possible so they can get to a doctor and then they conduct a CAN score, which is a children’s health care mental assessment.”

According to police reports, Michigan City’s DCS called city police Thursday asking for help with a case.

Because Santiago did not speak English, a city police officer helped translate.

That’s when Santiago confirmed he was 22.[…]

Santiago told police he lied about his age so he could get a job and send money back to family in Mexico.

He was transported to LaPorte County Jail yesterday.

ICE now has him in custody and plans to deport him to Mexico.

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