David Plouffe was a Campaign Manager and Senior Adviser for Obama and has many, many connections to the Deep State.

A tweet (SOURCE) he sent out last June is taking on a whole new life and meaning. Do you suppose Obama’s shadow government has been on this since day one of Trump’s candidacy and election? This evil is to be taken seriously so this is why we feel the deep state is taking advantage of Trump’s inexperience in politics. This is the exact same reason we appreciate and support President Trump. It’s what’s gotten Trump in trouble because he casually asked Comey to come talk to him. Seasoned politicians might have decided to skip that meeting…

It’s not just political disagreement anymore…this is much more serious. The tweet below should wake you up to the evil trying to destroy our Nation and our PRESIDENT:

The photo above photo tells you all you need to know about the evil shadow government!

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Plouffe’s twitter account shows Air force One in the background. He can’t let it go…YOU LOST! GET OVER IT!

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