Over the past two years, California Governor Gavin Newsom has entertained the idea of giving reparations to black citizens living in the broke state of California.

Newsome even commissioned a Reparations Task Force to decide how much black Americans should receive in reparations and what offenses white people living today supposedly committed that would merit the reparation payments.

The offenses that the task force came up with included slavery, housing discrimination, mass incarceration, and ‘the devaluation’ of black businesses and health care.

The committee suggested a high price tag of $223,200 for each African American citizen of California, which would cost the state $569 Billion.

According to a Pew Research poll conducted in 2021, reparations are generally unpopular with Americans.

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Sixty-eight percent of US adults said they do not support reparations for slavery, while only 30 percent said they support them.

The group that is by far the most supportive is African Americans, where 77 percent said they supported it.

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Watch the CA Reparations Task Force discuss the amount each black person deserves and who should qualify:

A black hip-hop activist who ran for president in 2016 and again in 2020 warned the CA reparations task force that there will be “a serious backlash” if they did not comply with his demands for more than $800,000 to be handed out to California’s black residents. Is the reparations issue quickly becoming a hostage situation in California?

Daily Mail reports – Deon Jenkins told the first meeting of the Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans that money given to black people in California should be in-line with the average price of a home in the state, around $800,000.

Following that appearance at the public hearing in Oakland’s City Hall on Wednesday, Jenkins, who refers to himself as a ‘hip hop organizer’ said in an interview: ‘Either they’re going to comply or it’s going to be a serious backlash.


At Wednesday’s hearing, a 35-year-old entrepreneur and the first black professional tri-athlete, Max Fennell, said that every person should get $350,000 in compensation to close the racial wealth gap and Black-owned businesses should receive $250,000, which would help them to flourish.

Fennell added: ‘It’s a debt that’s owed; we worked for free,’ he said. ‘We’re not asking; we’re telling you.’

He concluded his remarks by saying: ‘The tangibles of what I’m asking for is $350,000 per black American in California that’s tangible, small business grant $250,000 and land 15-20 acres.’

A Texas resident spoke on behalf of all black Americans to let the CA reparations task force that “Texas is watching you!” and demanded that they give money to blacks based on “lineage.”

This CA activist mocked the CA reparations committing for suggesting blacks only get “a paltry $200,000 for housing discrimination.”

Another reparations activist claims, “There’s no amount of money” that blacks would be satisfied with when it comes to reparations “because the harm has been done,” adding, “but at least it would give them the opportunity to get out of debt,” in addition to helping with housing.

Daily Mail – Also speaking on Thursday was Rev. Tony Pierce of the Black Wall Street Project, who shouted as his time for speaking ran out: ‘$230,000 is not enough!’

Another speaker, Carol Williams, said that she lived through homelessness since moving to the state in 1985 from Memphis, stated her belief that all reparations should be tax-free.

She said: ‘I consider myself a foundational black American. The reparations should be tax-free so that when we get the money, the IRS won’t come after us. And I’m pleading, and I’m asking that when we make the decision of lineage, we save those who have been in California since 2000.’

While another speaker said: ‘I can’t even walk down the street without being judged. There’s nothing I can do in this world without being judged. Why should I be judged … only by the color of my skin?’

What do you think? Should black Americans be given reparations? What about Native Americans? How about Japanese Americans? Oakland, California, has already decided to provide a housing stipend to transgender citizens. Where will it stop?

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