Democrat candidate for State Rep in Minnesota, John Thompson, has been endorsed by some heavy hitters in his party. Socialist Somali immigrant turned U.S. Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Minnesota’s far-left Governor Tim Walz and Minnesota’s extremely radical attorney general, have all endorsed the radical candidate.

People really need to start paying attention to what’s happening in the state of Minnesota, a hotbed for some of the most radical elected officials in America.

Yesterday, John Thompson stood on the street in Hugo, MN, residential neighborhood, where Minneapolis Police Union leader Bob Kroll allegedly owns a home where he uses a microphone to amplify his loud voice, as he threatened a group of 4-5 white girls standing outside of their home.

“I’m a black man being terrorized by a klansman! We are terrorized by the grand wizard! Y’all got the grand wizard living in your god—n neighborhood! All the klan exists in Hugo, Minnesota and it’s right here!” Thompson shouted.

As a couple of the white girls started to walk away, Thomspon warned them, “Don’t’ run now. Don’t run now, racist white people!” The angry, Democrat running for MN State Representative warned them, “I’m here!” He became increasingly agitated as he shouted louder, “Oh yeah, we pull up! We pull up!” he screamed, directly addressing the young white girls who stood quietly outside of their garage in front of the residence.

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It’s not clear if the young girls are related to Bob Kroll, or if they just happen to be innocent girls who live in the same neighborhood who were publicly terrorized by the mob led by Democrat candidate for MN State House, John Thompson.

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