A black historian who gives tours in DC came to the statue that the Black Lives Matter protesters had surrounded and told them the truth. The man tried to tell the crowd about the statue and its meaning to the black community, but the crowd wasn’t having it.

The crowd kept shouting down the man, and he said back to them: “Ya’ll don’t know your history.”

Truer words were never spoken. This has to be the statement that defines the movement to tear down statues across the US.

The man even brought a Frederick Douglass look-alike to try and explain to the people that Frederick Douglass spoke at the dedication of this statue paid for by freed slaves.

“Why are you protecting it?”

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The people around the statue intimidated and tried to push the media and anyone not on their side out of the park.

With President Trump’s announcement that tearing down monuments will come with stiff penalties, the BLM protesters will have to go the civilized route to get statues removed.

Americans need to push back on this thuggery.

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