If a neighbor objects to four dogs barking constantly throughout the night, it’s likely just a “race” thing…

maritha and partner

Maritha Hunter-Butler moved into her home with her lesbian partner, three sons and four dogs on Glen Brook Court in St. Charles County in May. The neighborhood is white and the Hunter-Butler family is the only black family on the street. Since they moved in police have been called to the house 15 times in three months.

Maritha’s dogs bark day and night.
When one neighbor confronted her about the dogs Maritha smacked her in the face.MARITHA

Maritha Hunter-Butler films the police during one of their visits recently.

Now Maritha is playing the race card. She has threatened to hold race protests in the neighborhood because she claims her neighbors are racist.

Her son recorded this conversation recently when two neighbors complained to them about their four dogs barking at 1, 2, and 3 in the morning.


The house on Glen Brook Court has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, great curb appeal and sits in the Wentzville School District.
As the real estate listing says, it is “the perfect home in a wonderful neighborhood.”

But the owners say they have had enough. New neighbors have moved in, and the family living in the house with the “For Sale” sign in the front yard wants out, leaving behind 11 years of happiness.

“This is a mess,” said Jana Chamblee, who lives with her husband, Don, and their three children. “This is the biggest mess I’ve had in my life.”

Chamblee and others on the block point to a house behind them, where Maritha Hunter-Butler has lived since May 9. She moved in with her three sons, a female partner and their four dogs. The neighbors say the dogs bark at all hours of the night, visitors constantly come and go and Hunter-Butler has made threatening remarks.

Hunter-Butler said the neighbors are trumping up charges against her because she is black and in an interracial lesbian relationship.

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Local black lives matter activist and radical Islamist Umar Lee was fired yesterday. He was in St. Charles this past weekend defending the family and harassing police officers.


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