Like Antifa, Black Lives Matter rioters are starting to look more and more like domestic terrorists, and Americans who were previously afraid to stand up to their threatening and violent tactics are starting to fight back.

An incredible scene that unfolded in a Pittsburgh, PA McDonald’s was captured on video tonight. Every customer, including a woman in a wheelchair, appears to be confused and terrified over the chaos created by the BLM rioters behind the McDonald’s counter.  When the McDonald’s manager attempts to step up and kick the rowdy, threatening BLM rioters out of his restaurant, the group of rioters armed with bull horns and big mouths, physically assault him. The poor manager was only trying to protect his customers from the loud, threatening group. It’s too bad there weren’t any law enforcement officers close by to help him stop these thugs from threatening the McDonald’s manager and his customers.

Watch the video:

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On Friday night, BLM terrorists took to the streets of Rochester, New York, striking fear into the hearts of innocent patrons enjoying a meal at local restaurants. Videos were shared on Twitter, showing BLM rioters approaching innocent people and threatening them with violence, turning over tables and chairs, breaking dishes and glasses, while shouting “shutting down restaurants,” as the frightened patrons scattered.


From NYC to Kenosha, literally no one, not even Black Americans ae safe from Black Lives Matter terrorists, as they attack innocent citizens in major cities and in smaller towns and neighborhoods across America.


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