There are no words for these selfish sub-humans…

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Here are a couple of profiles from Twitter of the people tweeting about BLM being ignored because of Nice terror tragedy. They have both made their Twitter accounts private:


We found this sweet self-described “Georgia Peach” listed as a “Fashion Contributor” at company called Feel free to send a message to her boss on their Facebook page. Click HERE for link.

Here’s another pathetic Twitter user: @_nehoda_ who whined about the attention victims of the Nice terror attack were taking from the BLM movement. She’s lists herself as living in London, but calls Egypt “the motherland”?? Hmmm…How does a Muslim woman living in London get hooked up with BLM terrorists in US?


And then there’s the other Muslim living in London who’s a bit more brash with his tweets:
omar BLM

Here are a few replies to Omar’s tweet:


Here are a few of this Muslim punk’s remarks threatening a caliphate and boasting about how the Muslims have already won the war against the West:

BLM tweet II


Here’s real bright guy who’s got nothing better to do than take to Twitter complaining about “the plight of black people”on the day after a major terror attack that killed over 80 people. Never mind that people just lost their husbands, wives, children, kids, friends, relatives or co-workers.

And finally…this guy nails it:

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